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JIESEN LED LIGHTING is a China-based company to supply high power LED lights used for indoor and outdoor by our selected professional manufacturers.

We are committed to providing quality, sustainable products that are a direct replacement for incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs and fixtures. LED lights are solid state, non-toxic, contain zero mercury and are environmentally friendly, so LEDs are clearly a far better choice to cut energy costs and to be safe to the environment.

Most of our products used high quality LED chips (CREE, EPISTAR or CHIMEI) and efficient power supply with CE & RoHs certification, pocessing advantages of high lumens, stable performance and quality assurance. You can customize their LED chips(chips qty), beam angle, color temperature, lamp base and lamp cover etc, making your products more competitive and cost performance to the market.

At present, we have high power LED lights as below:

1)  LED Street Light


2)  LED Tunnel Light


3)  LED High Bay Light


4)  LED Panel Light


5)  LED Light Bulb


6)  LED Spot Lamp


7)  LED Down Light


8)  LED Tube Light


9)  LED Track Light


In future, we will continue to improve and develop more diversified LED lighting products to meet market demands for customers. If you are interested with our products, please let us to have your inquiry for speicfic requirements and quantity, you will have our best prices and high quality products to your satisfaction. Please contact us via email [email protected], thank you very much!


Why LED's?


-Most LED's can be installed into existing standard light fixtures

-LED's pay for themse es generally in 2 years or less.


-LED's will last from 15-35 years with regular daily usage.


-LED's put money back in your pocket in the first month of operation!

 -LED's can reduce greenhouse gases and other pollution.


LED Lighting Comparisons



Fluorescents and Incandescent

-Quite operation-zero noise

-Noisy, gives off a humming sound

-Directional Light

-Wasted energy and light pollution

-No Ballasts to burn out

-Ballasts need replacing every 15,000 hours

-Instant On-  no warm up time

-Poor Operation in Cold Temps

-Operates at 100% in cold Temperature

-Special regulated disposal

-Non-hazardous disposal

-Short Life Span

-Rated for over 100,000


LED Bulbs Comparisons 


LED Bulbs

Fluorescents and Incandescent

-98% Recyclable

-Has Mercury Gas

-No Toxins

-Emits Radiation

-No Heat

-90% Heat, 10% Light (Incandescent)

-No Radiation

-70% Heat, 30% Light (Fluorescents)

-No Headaches

-Strobing 30/sec

-Strobing 300/sec


Sustainable resource consumption is everyone’s responsibility. Choosing LED lighting is the easiest way to save money on power. The choice is up to you. What you choose matters to you and the environment.


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